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Is your company a minority-owned or disadvantaged business as defined below?
A minority business is defined as a business that is both owned and controlled by minorities and/or women. Minorities and/or women must own at least 51% of the business and control its management and daily operations. Minorities include Black, Women, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asian American, Hispanics and members of other groups determined to be economically or socially disadvantaged by the Small Business Administration under Section A of the Small Business Act as amended (15 USC 637 a). HUB Zone business as determined by the Small Business Administration is a small business located within a HUB Zone.
If yes, please select the category that properly defines your minority status:
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(Requires a Shelby County Business License that has been held for the past 6 months)
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Conflict of Interest: By submitting this signed form, you are declaring that no Shelby County Schools Unified District Board Commissioner or employee has a financial or beneficial interest in this firm. Vendor also agrees to extend credit to Shelby County Schools Unified District, without requiring a credit application, to fulfill any purchase orders and/or contractual obligations that may occur. Vendor's bid maybe rejected should a credit application be required. NOTE: Each vendor is responsible for notifying the Shelby County Schools Unified District Purchasing Department of any future business name, address, telephone number, Email, or any other vendor information change.
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